Ian Ryde - Web Design

Ian Ryde Web Designer & Pixel Architect


  • Date: 1338555459
  • Client: Autotrader
  • Services: Illustration

AutoTrader is the UK’s #1 site to buy and sell new and used cars, bikes, vans, trucks and caravans with over 350000 vehicles online.

A recent project titled “Quick Sell” to the core site involved the ability to sell private vehicles quickly and easily through an online process of grading the particular cars quality. To avoid the huge grey area’s of used car quality the UI/UX team at Autotrader opted for small ‘Ikea’ style illustrations to show the current state of the vehicles core elements. For example, interior trim, exterior trim, and so on and so on. Similar competitor solutions to this involved star ratings, but AutoTrader wanted to take this a step further.

The work involved dusting off my Car Design equipment and creating generic looking vehicles in order to convey different stages of ‘wear and tear’ through illustrations. The key was to get the message across as quickly as possible, and so simplicity over complicated illustrative work was the best approach.

There where 40 illustrations provided in total, created over a number of weeks.